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Oxygen Optimal is a solution to prevent or fight it!


Oxygen Optimal Technology


Main problem

Many people suffer from poor blood circulation and from low oxygen levels in their feet.

Some of the symptoms may be cold feet, restless legs and feet, cramps, numbness in the feet, neuropathy pain etc.


Responsive textiles

CELLIANT® is the world leader in infrared responsive textiles and is a key ingredient that powers Oxygen Optimal socks.



Oxygen Optimal is  powered by CELLIANT® technology produced with CELLIANT® yarn in the area where it can actively contribute to human wellbeing.


The main fuction

Of Oxygen Optimal socks is to improve cellular oxygenation by increasing local circulation.


We’re changing the way people think of UI/UX creation.

A full-stack structure for our working workflow processes, were from the funny the century initial all the made, have spare to negatives.


Clinically demonstrated to increase tissue oxygen levels in our TCPO2 clinical trials

By an average of 7% and up to 8.4%

Cellular oxygenation

What is cellular oxygenation?

Cellular oxygenation is the process by which your body supplies your cells with oxygen, which they use to convert the energy from the food you eat into a usable form of energy.

Why is cellular oxygenation important?

The energy that cellular oxygenation nets is critical to optimizing the health of your cells -- for example, performing vital functions, transporting materials between cells, and supporting your muscles.

How does infrared improve cellular oxygenation?

Infrared energy improves cellular oxygenation by increasing local circulation. Blood flow is the way that our body transports oxygen to the cells, so with improved local circulation comes increased availability of oxygen to the cells. Maximizing the cells’ oxygenation levels supports stronger performance.

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