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Our Story


Our Story

We are family-owned business established in 2009. Since beginning our primary focus was on health. Our first product were therapeutic socks and with them we have achieved enormous success. Today, with two stores, online sales and weekly TV show on ten regional programs, we are market leader in therapeutic socks segment with extension to variety of health related products.

Base of our products is unique CELLIANT® technology. CELLIANT® is a leading infrared technology with health and wellness properties.


Partners can choose between Oxygen Optimal brand or their own private label with variety of colors and designs. We can also develop personalized products tailored to customers needs.


Our service is tailored to support needs of small and medium businesses. Optimized production processes provide reasonable lead time and acceptable MOQ. Should there be a need, production  capacity can be multiplied.


Core values

We have realized that throughout the years nothing new has really happened in socks industry, and we wanted to change that. Through our dedication to health and wellness our goal was to create products which will set up new standards and provide more then just comfort to end users. Finding out about infrared Celliant® technology was a breakpoint for us and an opportunity to really make a difference. That is when Oxygen Optimal line was created.

Grand prix medal on BUDI UZOR®

Terrapromo owns twenty (20) patents. In 2017. Company won  grand prix medal on BUDI UZOR®, an international exhibition of innovations supporting new technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship aimed at connecting science and economy. Company also got special recognition of the Association of Innovators of the Republic of Poland.

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